"Cool Connections to Classics"
Veteran of Lincoln Center’s “Meet the Artist" series, Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble takes classic masterpieces ranging from Paganini to Coltrane, transforming into exciting new tunes by infusing playful elements of jazz, funk, fusion, rock and world music. Performers invite students into the fun as they create their own musical compositions and tap into the spontaneous creativity and joy of music. Ms. Okura has conducted this popular program for the past three years, creating unforgettable memories for over 10,000 students across the United States. Highly entertaining and engaging program for both music and non-music students.

“Jazz & Improvisation Workshop"
A program for all students to learn the secrets of improvisation. The program will de-mystify the process of improvising by showing the basic methods for improvising, while students having a ton of fun. The program includes brief demonstrations of various styles of improvisation including rock, bluegrass, swing jazz, avant-garde jazz, world music ranging from Latin music to Indian raga. Students will discover new possibilities for expressing their creativities in music and joy of playing their instruments, while opening their minds to diversity in music and culture.

"Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble Family Concert"
Pre K – 6th grades (45 – 60 min.)
- A series of short pieces featuring music from all over the world
- Interactive demonstration/performance of each instrument
- Classic children's songs with world beats - sing along and clap along